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    Form and content in my work are mutually supportive and inseparable. I paint and draw about my own life experiences as an artist and as a family man.  I believe that by doing this as honestly and truthfully as possible my work inevitably has meaning for others.


Drawing and painting are carriers of content.  For me content is not separable from craft.  I love the exercise of my craft, which is the form of content.  When the form of my work changes, the content does also.  However, content also influences the shape and structure that the form will take.  The dynamic interaction of these principles generates my work.


The human figure is the major source of visual inspiration for me.  Not only is it the container of millennia of intellectual, symbolic and emotional associations, it is also capable of an inexhaustible variety of shapes, spatial reconfigurations, moods, lighting possibilities and implied motion. This richness impels me to constantly be in the creative moment, ever alert and decisive. The state of heightened perception produces the tension and excitement that keeps my work alive.